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University of California Riverside Overview

I am a Highlander: UC Riverside's Patricia Huerta

UCR graduate student Patricia Huerta shares her journey to attain her bachelor’s degree and the impact of donor generosity on her life.

UC Riverside's Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimp in the lab of David Kisailus at the University of California, Riverside. Kisailus studies the structure of the fist-like club of the mantis shrimp to develop tougher and stronger materials.

Better Batters Result from Brain-training Research

Novel brain-training research by neuropsychologist Aaron Seitz significantly improved the vision of individual baseball players and may have added up to four or five games to the win column in UCR's 2013 season.

UCR from the Air: University of California Riverside filmed with an Octocopter

See the people and places of UC Riverside from new heights in a video shot with a remote-control octocopter that gives new meaning to "higher" education.

UC Riverside Botanic Gardens Children's Fund

The UCR Botanic Gardens are comprised of 40 acres of micro-climates that contain over 3,500 plant species. In an effort to foster the next generation of plant lovers and botanists, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Gardens, The Friends of the UCR Botanic Gardens have created the Botanic Gardens Children's Fund to enhance the learning experiences of children in the Gardens.

UC Riverside Magazine: The Happiness Issue

Short promo for the UCR Magazine "Happiness" Issue, Spring 2013. Footage was taken on and around the University of California, Riverside. Filmed with a Canon 5DMark III and 60D. Read the Magazine online.

The Highlanders' Hooding Process — A Demonstration at University of California, Riverside

Fiat Lux: The UCR Song

University of California, Riverside thanks the generous donors with a music video.

A History of Firsts — UC Riverside's LGBT Community

UC Riverside's long history of support for the LGBT community has changed student's lives and created an inclusive atmosphere for many students.

Graduate Studies in the Bourns College of Engineering at UC, Riverside

Intellectual community, research opportunities, and fellowship support in the Bourns College of Engineering at UC, Riverside.

Fall at UC Riverside

Explore the changing fall colors at the University of California, Riverside.


UCR on YouTube

 Watch videos produced by the Video Production Unit on UCR's YouTube channel.

An integrated Approach Office of Strategic Communications

The departments within the Office of Strategic Communications work together to promote you and your university.

From conception to delivery, UCR’s award-winning in-house design team help colleges and departments produce communication projects that tell your story to the world.

Visit the Creative Design Services site

From advertising to publications, creative development to market research, the Marketing team is responsible for developing and implementing integrated marketing strategies that enhance the university’s image and reputation.

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The Media Relations team communicates with media around the world to spread the news about what is happening at UC Riverside. They are also responsible for several publications, including UCR Magazine and Inside UCR.

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The Web Development team is responsible for the design and upkeep of the award-winning UCR “Umbrella” website as well as oversight of the university’s overall online presence.

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More Information

All projects produced by the Video Production Unit must be approved by the Office of Strategic Communications and are subject to available resources.

For more information and general inquiries, please contact Margene Mastin-Schepps at (951) 827-2494 or at

The VPU is located in 1159 Hinderaker Hall, on the main floor of the building.

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